About Us

Beyond L.A. Productions is the next manifestation of Kerby Brothers Productions which was started in 1984 By Pat and Kelly Kerby along with a core group of aspiring filmmakers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Today, many members of this original group have gone on to become top professionals in the film and video industry.

At first we were just a bunch of friends getting together on weekends to go make movies. Now we have professional writers, stuntmen, special effects wizards, cameramen, and directors, all originating from our core group.

Beyond L.A. Productions, is now a full service film and video production company based in Las Vegas, specializing in providing talented and experienced jib operators, and top notch jib arm equipment to productions from local to international.

Beyond L.A. Productions has worked hard to develop an outstanding reputation in the industry, and set standards of excellence that will preserve that reputation for years to come.